Friendship Lodge No. 84

Men of Distinction since 1827

The Grand Master's Award with Distinction

Mandatory Requirements

☑Maintain and update Lodge Membership Manual

☑Create a Dues Committee to contact Brothers

☑Sponsor a “Friendship Night” - 28 Mar 22

☑Visit another Lodge with at least 5 of the Lodge Officers 2 out of the 3 Principal Officers - 15 Feb 22

☑Maintain a Widow’s Roster with Contact information

☑Contact all inactive members and invite them to a Lodge meeting or event

☐Two of the 3 Principal officers must attend Semi-Annual AND Annual Communications

☑Sponsor a CHIP event

☐Confer each of the 3 degrees of Craft Masonry

  • Entered Apprentice Degree - 14 Feb 22
  • Fellowcraft Degree - 14 Mar 22
  • Master Mason Degree - 08 Oct 22

☑Participate in the Masonic Charities of Maryland Scholarship Awards Program

Optional Requirements
(Must complete 12)

☐No Decline in Membership

☐Sponsor a Lodge Blood Drive

☐Exceed the Lodge’s Blood Drive minimum with 10% participation

☐A minimum of 5% of the Lodge Members attend Harvest Home Day

☐A minimum of 10% of the Lodge’s Members attend Family Day at Bonnie Blink

☐Attend a Masonic Youth Organization (6 members including 3 Principal)

☑Sponsor a Holiday Party

☑Sponsor a Summer Picnic for Lodge families

☐At least three of the line officers must receive a certificate of Regular Attendance at the Grand Lodge School of Instruction

☐At a special Lodge Meeting, recognize a Brother of the lodge for some specific service or contribution to the community or for humanity

☑Present 3 or more education programs at Lodge meetings - Men of Distinction 2/28 - Bro. Brown - Civil War and Masonry 4/11 - Bro. Ireland - The Altar 4/25 - Bro. Gilbert

☑Attend a worship service together as a Lodge (St. John’s Day)

☐Sponsor a youth sports team

☐Invite members of one of the Masonic youth groups to a lodge meeting and honor them

☐Reduce the number of suspensions for nonpayment of dues from the previous year

☐Sponsor at least one Religious Service/Entertainment at Bonnie Blink - Aug. 27

☑Organize and maintain a committee for regular contacting sick and shut-in members - Sunshine

☑Hold a Special Theme Lodge meeting night such as casual night, table lodge, low vale

☐Have a Colt Night-Confer the degree with a team of Officers made up entirely of non-officers including no Past Masters. Newer Members should be solicited for participation

☐Participate as a Lodge in a community parade, a minimum of 5 members must participate with at least 2 being principal officers

☑Participate with a different organization from your community in a community project such as outreach, cleanup, youth program, etc. - 10 Feb 22

☑Design and maintain a Lodge website

☑Maintain an active Social Media Presence for the Lodge on Facebook

☑Organize a committee to actively reach out to people who have inquired about membership in the Lodge and maintain updated status of these inquires on the Membership Manager.