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From the East
I am honored, once again, to serve as the Worshipful Master for this upcoming year. We have a tremendous amount of things planned for this year and goals to achieve. On May 22nd, we will be dedicating the new building and laying the new cornerstone with the assistance of the Grand Lodge of Maryland. The ceremony will start at 2:00 pm and we will be doing a 2nd Degree for Bro. Gary Little at 4:00.
Additionally, we will celebrating St. John’s Day at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Williamsport, MD on June 27th. Service begins at 11:00. After the service, we will be holding a picnic at City Park. I will be bringing my corn hole set and a couple of gloves and bats for a friendly game of softball. We have invited some of the other lodges to join us for worship and the picnic.
Also, we have started to Zoom all of the meetings on Monday nights for those brothers who may not feel comfortable coming to a meeting yet or for those brothers who may be in another state or just have other reasons they can’t make it those nights. Look for those emails to be sent right before the meeting begins. The link will always be the same. If you need help setting up Zoom on your computer, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help so we can see you once again!
Finally, as we have learned through this past year, our time here can be short. You may never know when you are called to be a stone fit for that house, eternal in the Heavens. Now is the time to use those working tools to go from the rough to the perfect ashlar.

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